Day one

23 11 2005

Whew, after a fourteen hour flight I was met by Cameron at San Francisco airport. The flight was (thankfully!) pretty uneventful and I even made a friend of the Sydney girl sitting next to me. Hope you got to Colorado Springs safely Olivia!

Cam drove me to my apartment – which is next door to his – so I could shower and generally de-gross myself. Apartment is great, well equipped, clean and with plenty of space. I’ll post photos later. 🙂

After that we went straight to work. I’d actually had a bit of a sleep on the flight and didn’t feel much jetlag at all so that was fine. We met Arun, Derren and Sashi for lunch at the Banana Leaf which was quite good. Since I arrived on the day before Thanksgiving there were very few customers around and little work to do so after some menial tasks Sashi, Cam and I decided to go out to dinner to Cascal.

Cascal was great – highly recommended! A tapas restaurant, it’s got great ambience and terrific food. But be sure to book.

After dinner we went back to the apartments and chatted into the night over some tequila before heading off to bed for some much-needed sleep. End of day one. 🙂




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