24 11 2005

…are freakin’ huge here! Safeway, probably the biggest local supermarket, is about the size of a Bunnings (well, maybe I’m exaggerating a little) and you can buy just about anything. There’s an aisle or two for alcohol. There’s a bank – capable of approving loans – inside the door. There’s a whole aisle for cereals (all of which are sugary). There’s all these cards you can buy; iTunes cards, temporary Visa cards, gift vouchers of all sorts. Massive selection of products to buy.

And still, with all of these goods, dairy products generally suck. Milk is crap (only Trader Joe’s has a reasonable brand) and butter is abhorrent. Butter should not be white!

Admittedly there is a terrific “European style” supermarket nearby that has some fantastic cheese. And a huge selection too. Don’t know why the butter and milk is so bad…

Oh, and everything in these supermarkets seems very cheap. Especially alcohol.




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10 12 2005

I assume that you are a united frequent flier so u need to make sure that u sign up for the safeway membership card thingy(it gets u great discounts and freebies and is free) and then u need to link it to ur FF acount and u will earn miles whiel shopping at Safeway. Its great!!!

11 12 2005

Yeah, Cam told me about the Safeway card – I haven’t got it yet but next time I’m in there I’ll be fixing that. 🙂

Can’t knock back freebies, discounts and mileage points!

12 12 2005

I am collecting milage points like they are going out of fashion. Every time I take a flight I earn a minimum of 500 miles, even if the flight is only a couple of hundred k.

The other thing that is really cool is that I got my gold card. This means that for any flight in Europe (and internationally), I can use the gold lounge and have free food, beer, spirits, etc. Most of the benefits are wasted on me, but I still feel superior.

12 12 2005

It’s all about feeling better than someone else. 😉

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