The Spa

2 12 2005

We’ve got a kick-ass outdoor spa here at the apartments (and a nice pool, decent fitness centre, outdoor BBQ…) and I figured, since we’d been so busy, it was time to use it.

I love spas. 🙂

Cam was reluctant but I convinced him to come in. It’s an awesome way to end a day. As we were kicking back in the spa we were joined by an Asian-American guy – let’s call him Bob (I didn’t catch his name) – and, later, by four friends apparently with some association with Stanford.

The four friends were all good company but, in hindsight, it was kinda like watching a sitcom.

There was the army guy who, as much as he obviously wanted to, refused to speak ill of his president. There was the long-haired über-geek who was totally diggin’ his newest computer game. Of course there was the cool guy, constantly trying to say something funny. Finally there was the token blonde.

Like I said, they all seemed nice, I just couldn’t help but feel like I was watching a prerelease of the next Friends or something!

Cam also ended up loving the spa (“I can’t believe I’ve been here six months and haven’t been in here before!“) and wanted to spend the rest of his nights in it. 🙂




One response

7 12 2005
Matts Mind » Blog Archive » Some of the places I’ve been…in Google Earth

[…] And here are mine and Derren’s apartments, and the Agilent site where we work.  If you look closely you can see the spa (north-west of the pool) between the two towers of my apartment complex. […]

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