Goodbye Sashi! Goodbye Cam!

4 12 2005

Sashi left Saturday. Cam and I dropped her off at the airport with her three chock-full suitcases and large backpack carry-on. We were both sad to see her go. Sashi, thanks for your company and all your help. And thanks for bringing us ice-cream while we were in the spa! It was above and beyond but we really appreciated it!

Cam had one night left though, and wanted to go out for drinks. Who am I to argue with a man on a mission? We drove to Castro St and headed to the Irish pub, Molly Magees. We figured we’d pick up the car in the late morning. Since we parked in a two-hour bay that started timing at 9am we figured we had till 11am. No problems!

Err, some problems. Well, one.

We kinda forgot.

We had a very late night (Flat Tire beer isn’t half bad!) and I was feeling a little tender the next morning. Wilfully struggling on I made crepes for a late brekky. Mmmm crepes. Melissa, you would’ve been proud – they weren’t half bad!

Anyway, neither of us thought about my car until we got Cam + gear out to his – at around two in the afternoon when he had to leave for the airport. I’d noticed that my car wasn’t in it’s parking spot. “Crap” I thought, “someone’s stolen my car!”. I looked at Cam and we both realized where we left my car. Bugger!

Cam didn’t really have time to drop me off (Castro is further away from the airport) and I thought a walk might be good for me – after a nap of course (it was already overdue, what difference would a bit longer make?).

We said goodbye. Your turn Cam; thanks mate! It was a fun week or so, socially and work-wise. I wish it had been longer.

After a snooze and a damn long walk I arrived at the car, which hadn’t been towed away (that thought played in my mind during the walk!) nor did it have a ticket. Bullet successfully dodged!

But the night was a bit lonely. I’d gotten used to spending the evenings with Sashi and Cam. I’m going to miss them both!

Holy crap, now Derren and I are on our own. We’re screwed. 😉

[Update: I put some of the locations in Google Earth.]
[Update 2: Voice message on my phone “Hi Matt, Cam here. I left some clothes in my dryer, do you think you’d be able to rescue them?”  Hehe!]




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