Have car, will travel

4 12 2005

I forgot to mention that last Friday I picked up my own car.


Corvette I park next to

I’ve got a Toyota Camry which, as it turns out, is a pretty decent hire car. Certainly better than the Ford Taurus that Cam was stuck with. I asked for a convertible when I arrived at Avis, but they were all out. However today I had a voicemail message saying that one had just become available – maybe I’ll swap it over next week.

I have become quite fond of the Camry though!


My Camry

[Important update 14th December: I picked up the convertible!  It’s a Chrysler Sebring.  It’s a really fun car…I’m livin’ it large with a convertible in California!  Cam will be livid.  🙂  Photos to follow.]




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15 12 2005
Matts Mind » Blog Archive » Driving a convertible in California

[…] Oh yeah! I followed up the voicemail from my friendly Avis contact and decided to get the convertible. Great decision. It’s a red Chrysler Sebring. […]

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