Monterey Bay Aquarium

10 12 2005

Derren, his family and I went out to Monterey Bay to visit the aquarium. An excellent facility, the place is huge with many tanks full of interesting sea life. Highlights include:

  • The “Outer Bay”, a massive tank (a million gallons apparently) with deep water fish – and some of the biggest tunas I’ve ever seen.
  • The “Touch Pools” where many sea inhabitants (kelp, starfish etc) can be picked up and felt. Wonderful for kids.
  • Jellyfish in the “Drifters Gallery”. Superbly lit, there was something peaceful and hypnotizing watching these fellas bob in the fake current.
  • The tide display. Über-litres of water are dropped onto a curved glass display before falling into a tank. The exhibit shows how tides affect life below the surface but it’s just very dramatic watching the water hit the glass every minute!
  • Sea otters. Just for their pure cuteness. 🙂

A warning: Get there early, and book ahead. It gets busy. Was very hard to take photos as there were people everywhere. It was a really good day though, highly recommended!

If you’ve got young kids I practically guarantee they’ll love it.

DSC_8461.jpg DSC_8471.jpg DSC_8487.jpg DSC_8492.jpg DSC_8502.jpg

Monterey Bay Aquarium

I think I may have to go back there on my own, early in the day when there aren’t many people, so I can really take some photos.




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