Driving a convertible in California

13 12 2005

Oh yeah! I followed up the voicemail from my friendly Avis contact and decided to get the convertible. Great decision. 🙂 It’s a red Chrysler Sebring.

Not even a hectic day at work could wipe the smile off my face. The Sebring isn’t exactly a performance vehicle (the 2.7L four cylinder isn’t weak though!) but there’s something just damn fun about driving a convertible. Especially here in California where the sun shines regularly (although maybe not in the coming months!) and the road system is so good.

It’s much more enjoyable to drive than the Camry – and I haven’t even driven with the top down yet!

DSC_8507.jpg DSC_8506.jpg DSC_8505.jpg

Have red convertible, will definitely travel!

Cam apparently tried very hard to get a convertible while he was here so I’m sure he’ll be livid. 🙂




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15 12 2005

Is that a big fucking arm rest I see on folded up near the driver’s door?!?!? LAZY FRICKIN’ WHALE DRIVING AMERICANS!!!!!!!!

Sucky thing for me is that when I was ordering my BMW (still smiling), because I added the Navigation system I have to have an arm rest between the driver and passenger. Why? Beats the hell out of me!

16 12 2005

Err, relax Brush. That thing that looks like an armrest (in the vertical) is actually the housing for the seatbelt which is integrated into the seat. 🙂

16 12 2005

He gets a little worked up doesn’t he…

I think he is still mad about the whale of a car we had to drive there – the Taurus. It was craptastic, or was that craptacular!!

Because we have the american base just near us here we see alot of big american cars on the road with the US service personel number plates on them. He gets mad everytime he sees them b/c its just so stupid to bring a crap US whale here and drive it when you could just buy a European car.

18 12 2005

I drove Cameron around in his Taurus while he was still here…I agree that they’re fairly craptacular (and craptastic!).

Having said that there was nothing really *wrong* with it. There was just nothing good about it.

Unbelievable to think that people bring – and drive – their US cars in Europe!

18 12 2005

I especially like that when driving a convertible in California, you can park it, and leave the top down (for hours and hours), and no one touches it! It is bizarre, and I am sure it wouldn’t happen in Australia!

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