Electric Kettles

13 12 2005

It’s really strange that most apartments and houses that I’ve been in you see the venerable stove-top kettle!  Electric kettles virtually eliminated these relics (in Australia) years ago yet it’s really hard to find an electric kettle even in the department stores here…weird!

However, it seems that coffee machines (the brewing variety, not espresso) are very common and they do use electricity to boil their water.




2 responses

14 12 2005

Ja, it is kinda bizarre. Is your stove top electric too? Ours was in the US, and it is here to, and it sucks hairy balls.

14 12 2005

Yeah, electric stove – and oven. And yep, it sucks hairy balls.

Although Derren has a gas unit. I guess it’s easier to install eletric appliances in multi-level apartments (Derren’s is a single story).

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