Frys, University Ave & The Search strikes gold

14 12 2005

I had had a long day at work today but was determined to go out and experience some more of what America had to offer. I decided to go to downtown Palo Alto, University Ave. Being near Stanford Uni the place is filled with (often wealthy) students and there are many restaurants, cafes and shops.

Seeing as I would pass Fry’s on the way I decided to stop in. Fry’s is a chain of huge electronic stores. Picture a Bunnings-sized shed filled to the brim with computers parts, electronic gear, TV’s, DVD’s, CD’s, stereo’s, that kind of thing. An engineers delight.

I’d been in once before with Cam when I bought my wireless router and he had to drag me – all wide eyed – out of the store. This time I went through every aisle. Fun. 🙂 Remarkably I didn’t buy anything.

Eventually I got to University Ave and made a beeline for Coupa Cafe, which I’d heard made a great latte. The place was packed, I couldn’t even find a place at a small table. But I ordered some food and a coffee anyway. Thankfully, the staff asked a couple of students to squeeze me in on their table and so I met Dan and Mya, two law students.

While the food was good and the coffee excellent (marginally cold but mmm tasty!) I really enjoyed meeting these friendly students who chatted to me about everything from what they were studying to where I had to go while in CA. One of the pleasures of travelling is meeting people from different regions and cultures – there’s something fundamentally enjoyable about sharing your unique perspectives.

After the cafe visit I wandered around University Ave, stumbling on the movie cinema that plays old classics, went through the large Borders and just generally observed. Of all the places I’ve been to so far it reminded me most of the Melbourne vibe.

I went home having completely forgotten work, feeling good. 🙂




One response

18 12 2005
Hamish Moffatt

I remember Fry’s seeming amazing when I was a bit younger, but on my first trip into the USA in years (last June) it didn’t seem so exciting. Computer stuff in Australia is much more competitively priced these days so there isn’t much advantage in buying overseas.

I was surprised at how almost every aisle in Fry’s had USB cables 😉 You could never get more than 10m from a supply of those I think. And yet the one I really needed (USB2 A to mini-B) was hard to find…

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