Damn customers

15 12 2005

I was having a pretty reasonable day today…until about 4:30pm. It was about then that a customer came to me with a problem that we tried to work through. I’m pretty certain it’s an issue on his side but he wants me to do further testing to prove beyond any doubt that it’s our problem. No worries.

I explain to him that I’ll need to have at least half an hour with the system – and during that time no-one else can will be able to use it.

Oh, ok. Are you in on Saturday?

“Err, no. I have this policy. I don’t work weekends.”

What about 6:30 Friday evening?

“I’m not going to start looking at your problem then, no.”

We finally compromised on 5 pm Friday evening. Exactly the start to the weekend I was looking for.




3 responses

16 12 2005

Certainly sounds like you are working hard for the money over there! Hope you resolved it in the end.

Just for interest, who’s problem did it end up being?

18 12 2005

Configuration problem on behalf of the customer. Notch up one-nil in the game of Matt vs The Customer. 😉

Thankfully they let me work on the problem earlier in the day so I wasn’t there till all hours. And it meant that I got to go meet Cam at the airport while he was here for the five hour wait between connecting flights…

5 01 2006

Saturday??? What planet are these americans on? Good work on standing up for your lifestyle matt. The company I’m currently working for was bought out by an american company, and they wanted people to relocate to the US on the same salary with only two-weeks annual leave… tell ’em they’re dreaming 😉

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