Lost in California

15 12 2005

When I said that Joan brought me a bunch of maps I wasn’t kidding! There is – count ’em! – thirteen maps.





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16 12 2005
Dennis B.

Hey Matt!

My first post here because I just found this particular blog of yours. The one you wrote down for me was the “Sublime Software” blog and didn’t have much for me to comment on. Anyway, I found “Matt’s Mind” and now you’ll have the odd blurb from me from time to time. Great photo with the maps, made me laugh (or should I just write LOL around here). Good composition and amusing facial expression, keep up the good work!

Marijana says “Hi” and she’s glad that you’re keeping yourself busy. I think you’re gonna have a few looks from the ladies when you drive around in that convertible… then they’ll hear the aussie accent and THEN… sorry Melissa I’m sure Matt will be a good boy! 🙂

Okay, that’s enough from me for now. Keep those posts coming and take care of yourself over there…


16 12 2005

And all of them impossible to use…? Could try try putting them in a book form maybe?

18 12 2005

Heya Dennis, welcome to the party! 🙂 Looking forward to you “blurbs”. Say hi back to Marijana – and you guys don’t need to worry, I’ll be a good boy even though I’m totally desirable as a convertible driving Aussie. 😉

And Belinda, I just don’t think they’ve hit on the idea of whacking the maps into book form ala Melways. People have scoffed that it’s just too big an area, but I don’t buy that. Just make multiple books! I’m sure it would be a hit, maybe we should put together a business plan? 😉

20 12 2005

Careful Matty, the one on the lamp looks like a fire hazard to me!

20 12 2005

I like to live dangerously. 😉

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