Provided by Management…

15 12 2005

I think I may have been tired but this cracked me up when I saw it in our customers cubicles. Expecially the quote below the dispenser:

Toilet seat protector

Provided by Management for your protection

Hehe! 🙂




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16 12 2005

Here in Germany they have those in some toilets, but also in heaps of toilets they have a sanitising spray that, I guess, you put onto loo paper and whip over the seat before use. I guess Australians are a little more relaxed about seat hygeine… Though when we were kids Sydney airport always had those paper covers and my mum would swipe a whole bunch so we could have them in teh car for road trips 🙂

18 12 2005

Hehe! My Dad taught me that, if in doubt, lay down many squares of toilet paper on the seat. You had to be careful sitting down though – if you move too quick they just blow away!

Of course you can always use the tried and tested stand-just-above-the-seat technique. Also doubles as exercise (man, those hammys feel it before too long!).

19 12 2005

“Provided by Management for your protection“

Because they give you the shits?

19 12 2005

Ahh, now it makes sense. Thanks Pat. 🙂

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