Passed my drivers *written* test

23 12 2005

I did get three questions wrong though (out of about 40).  You’re allowed to get up to six wrong.  It was a bit more challenging than I thought it’d be to be honest – you had to remember a few specific details straight out of the drivers handbook.

Interesting note:  It’s actually illegal to change lanes without performing a head check here.  I’m all for that to be honest…
Now I’ve just got a driving test between me and the highly desired souvenir – a California drivers license!




5 responses

23 12 2005

Congrats. Don’t stress about the practical test – it’s nothing more than a 10-15min drive around the block. 🙂

PS: The German license is worse… 😦

25 12 2005

Not sure if I’m breaking some unwritten blog rule by writing something unrelated here…

Anyway Merry Christmas Matty. I hope you have a good one.

25 12 2005

There are no rules as such mate – thanks for the wishes! And ditto back to you!

25 12 2005

Thanks Brush, I’m not too worried about it. I’ve seen some some of the other people they let on the roads!

8 01 2006

What is it with you guys that you feel you must get a US drivers license? You then MUST produce it if you get pulled over by a cop – I’d rather pull out an Aussie license and watch the expression on the cops face.

You NEED an SSN and various US financial istruments (bank account being the most valuable). The rest is a waste of time and effort.

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