The Christmas period

9 01 2006

[Sorry for the long period of post-less-ness. The Christmas holidays were hectic and fun and the week of work following them was busy so I just haven’t had time to post. I have been taking notes though so I’m going to try and get as much down as I can…]

It can be pretty lonely away from home over Christmas. For me, that time of year is all about family and spending it with people you love. Given that my family and close circle of friends is half-way around the world I had the occasional “woe is me” pangs. However, due to some wonderful people on this side of the world it was much better than it could have been.

So first up a huge thanks to Derren, Anne (and Arlene, Adam and Owen), Yenyi, Jason and Rob! Without you folks it would have been a dreary holiday period for me. Thanks for letting me share your holidays. 🙂

Christmas Eve I spent with Yenyi and Jason at their new house in San Jose with their friend Min. My hosts (and Min!) put on feast for us and I worked hard to do my part to eat as much of it as I could. The main was a seafood paella which was delicious despite my aversion to seafood. Desert was tiramisu that rivalled even Anna’s (Melissa’s Mum) famous speciality. And we had so much food before the main that I was pretty close to full before the paella even came out.

But I perservered.

Company was great, food was wonderful. Great night! We also discussed our upcoming ski trip (see later posts!).

Christmas Day was also a winner. In the morning I opened presents that my family, Melissa, her family and the Turners had sent. I love opening presents so that’s always going to go down well. I also had plenty of phone and webcam contact with everyone which helped a lot.

In the afternoon I went around to Derren’s house and began eating again. Derren’s sister, Arlene, was over and Derren and Anne have two young boys, Owen and Adam. It was nice to be surrounded by family.


The Oliver family

(I prefer black & white because of the strong, unavoidable, light behind them. In colour it looked too washed-out.)


The youngest Oliver, Owen

Although I was exhausted it was another lovely night. Thanks again everyone!

PS Donna & Quil (and all the usual supects…) I hope you guys had a great Christmas Eve Eve! I meant to call but messed up the time zone differences and missed the window.




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