Why do I have a jack under my motorcycle?

10 01 2006

Just saw an ad on the TV that cracked me up. It was for tools, in particular tools for cars.

During the ad the camera pans to a solid guy (think lumberjack) who’s working on his motorbike. The bike is elevated on a jack and the guys turns and speaks toward the camera…

“Why have I got a jack under my motorcycle?”

“Because I can!”

The point was meant to be that tools are cheap at the store but for me it just seemed to be poking fun at how insanely consumer-driven American society can be…




3 responses

11 01 2006
Mark in Spain

Can you get me on MSN as soon as possible? its important!

12 01 2006

Yes I saw it and thought EXACTLY the same thing. You wouldn’t find people saying that here.

23 01 2006

While it’s really sad from any sensible standpoint (moral, environmental, etc) it’s also understandable.

After you’ve been living there for a while and you learn that your equivalent US salary is probably at least your aussie one in US dollars (a 33%+ pay rise) and you get taxed MUCH less and everything’s half the price at home and better quality… they are just like kids in the candy shop.

But every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

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