Home…for awhile

29 01 2006

I arrived back in Australia last Thursday (Australia Day – 26th January) and I’ll be here till the 7th February.  Feels nice to be home, and especially wonderful to see Melissa again!  🙂  She will be coming back to the US with me for a few weeks which will be fantastic.

I’ve come back for Dave & Jen’s wedding next week – congrats guys!!!  Really looking forward to it.

Anyways if anyone wants to catch up get in touch!  (My old mobile number works)




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31 01 2006

DU BIST EIN ARSCHLOCH!!!! I wish I was back in Oz for a while. Oh well…will just have to go skiing this weekend instead. 🙂

21 02 2006
Brad Courtney

Yo Matt,

Entertaining website. I didn’t realise that Dave was getting married. Looking forward to seeing some pics of the day.

Sorry I missed you back in Oz. Enjoy the rest of your stay. ‘twil be over before you know it…..

22 02 2006

Brad, dude, awesome to hear from you. 🙂 What a crapper that we didn’t catch up – actually, truth be told, I probably wouldn’t have had any time anyways, that fortnight was a whirlwind.

Yep, Dave-o is now hitched and I *will* post some photos – probably after Melissa leaves. Any spare time I’ve had we’ve tried to spend together so my blog has taken a bit of a back seat.

Yeah, I know it’ll be over damn soon, the time is flying.

Hope you’re doing well and we’ll definitely catch up when I get back.

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