28 02 2006

Just dropped off Melissa at the airport, she’s en route back to Australia. Hard to believe it’s been three weeks, the time has flown! I hope the flight goes smoothly, it was raining pretty hard here…

Coming back to my apartment sucks, without her it feels empty.

Can everyone back home please look after her for the next three months for me?! 🙂

[Update : Melissa has landed safely in Melbourne, yay! :)]




3 responses

3 03 2006

if it’s any consolation I know how that feels – after I sent my family home the place in Noho just felt wrong.
But there’s another mistress who will look after you in the interim… Alcohol.

6 03 2006

Don’t worry Matt. We’ll look after Mel for you! 🙂

6 03 2006

I’ve met that fine mistress Alcohol at a few soirees over the years and, although she *is* a fine temporary substitute, she just can’t really fill the void. I’m sure she’ll help though. ;D

Thanks Di, I appreciate it! And all the best for your “upcoming venture”. 😉

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