Happy Radio

17 03 2006

So I jumped into my car today and turned on the radio. Normally I’d play my iPod through the stereo (using an iTrip) and listen to some podcasts (Dr Karl, Keith and the Girl, Battlestar Galactica, G’day World, Reel Reviews, Hanselminutes – just to name a few) but today the host on Alice (one of the radio stations here in the Bay Area) stopped me in my tracks:

“Here’s the girl I was telling you about – Missy Higgins.”

It was kinda surreal, hearing a name that I so strongly associate with Australian music here in the US. And don’t get me wrong, I like Missy Higgins but, you know, I’m not part of her fan club or anything. But hearing Scar was fantastic. Maybe it’s hearing her thick Aussie accent in a country where that’s so rare. Don’t know, but it was cool.

And then they played Babylon by David Gray – a song from an album that my sister adores. Anyway it was a good music morning and I was in a great mood when I arrived at work. 🙂

I’m so keen to write about a heap more stuff but life has been crazy busy and shows no sign of easing at the moment. Tonight I went to the ice hockey (I frickin’ love watching that sport!) and tomorrow evening I’ll be heading up to Lake Tahoe for some skiing on the weekend. Can’t wait! I will try and write more next week (I’ve half-written a post on Dave & Jen’s wedding). Stay tuned. 🙂




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