Dave and Jen’s wedding

22 03 2006

As I mentioned, Dave and Jen were wed on the fourth of Feb. It was a wonderful wedding, particularly special for me because Dave and I are such close friends and to see him so happy – and share in it – was fantastic. 🙂

I could write a lot about the day but I took some photos and I think I’ll let them do the talking.


Dave in a pensive, posed, mood


Dave and Matt. Dave’s the one on the left.

DSC_8894.JPG DSC_8900.JPG

The happy, and irritated, couple

DSC_8904.JPG DSC_8903.JPG

Jen was stunning. Dave looked alright too I suppose.


That look that newlyweds have…


Big bridal party – five apiece!


My favourite shot of Jen

DSC_8946.JPG DSC_8953.JPG DSC_8960.JPG DSC_8968.JPG

Some of the bridal party + partners
(Nathan & Jess, Mark & B, Jase & Jen, Matt & Melissa)

Since some people have asked for it, here is the best man speech. Although I’ve corrected it since, I had somehow written down the wrong month for Dave’s birthday…damn! Embarassing. Sorry mate, have no idea how that happened…

Anyways, the day was wonderful – perfect weather, lovely and touching ceremony, great food, excellent dancing and superb company. I hope the bride and groom enjoyed it as much as I did!

Thanks to the two of you for including me in your special day and I wish nothing but happiness for your life together. I’ll be there, whenever you need me, along the way. 🙂




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