Skiing at Tahoe

25 03 2006

Be jealous all you snow nuts back in Australia, last weekend I was skiing! Rob and Cherie graciously invited me up to their lodge in Truckee near Lake Tahoe. Naturally I jumped at the chance. 🙂 Yenyi and Jason also came as did Colin, a travelling Scot and friend of Rob’s. Great company all-round.

We were very fortunate, the weather and snow conditions couldn’t have been any better. There was a big dump (a couple of feet) toward the end of the week so when we headed up to Sugar Bowl on the Saturday we had lovely deep powder to play in. Fantastic! Sunday we went to Squaw Valley and found the conditions to be at least as good.

I was couldn’t help but giggle with delight skiing down the mountains.

I had horrible hire boots on the Saturday which gave me wicked-sore feet and calves, so at the end of the day I cracked it and went to one of the nearby ski shops. I was fitted up and they found me a great pair of Nordica ski boots. They’d been used for one day by a guy who brought them back and so I bought them at half price. Sweet. 🙂

I realised on Sunday that I should have bought my own pair years ago. Amazing how much better I felt!

Anyway, the weekend was great, I had a absolute ball. I skied mostly with Rob and Colin and, since they are much better skiers than I, they pushed me pretty hard going down some pretty challenging runs. Perfect; it’s the best way to learn. Thanks for the lessons guys!

Here are some photos.




Jase in Action

DSC_9296.JPG DSC_9303.JPG DSC_9325.JPG DSC_9326.JPG

Rob, the poser. 😉



DSC_9341.JPG DSC_9344.JPG

Obligatory group photos


Last run of the day at Squaw (hereby dubbed “Yenyi’s Fire”)




6 responses

27 03 2006

Looks like ski helmets are as popular there as they are here in Vancouver… Its great that you had fun, makes me wonder what length you will go to for great snow when you get back home 🙂

28 03 2006

Helmets are great – they’re warm, they seat your goggles well and they give you that extra feeling of safety that can give you the courage to go down that double diamond with your eyes closed. 😉

I think my days of skiing in Australia are all but over!

I mean I’ll probably still go on the odd occasion with friends but it’s going to be damn hard to justify the insane costs for crappy conditions…

29 03 2006

Hehe – yeah, you’re screwed. The snow will be there but it will not be good enough.

Nice run that one – I’ve skiied it with powder, but looks far more interesting with bumps

29 03 2006

Oh and by the way – if you can push yourself to get out of the carpark inside half an hour I’m prepared to continue the “lesson” on your return 😉

PS: you can’t ski without tour own boots. I pity the fool who tries

29 03 2006
Gayle Chua

I’m so jealous I could cry! :~(
Buller’s not quite the same is it? Powder bowl? What’s that? 😉

Helmets are the best! My Giro keeps me warm and safe (…and also makes me look 10yo!). Don’t know why people don’t wear them here, they should make them compulsory like on a bike. All it takes is one out of control beginner…

31 03 2006

Lamb: I’m happy to resume the lesson. I’m hoping your increasing age and my (slowly) increasing experience may begin to narrow the chasm of difference in our skills. 😉

Gayle: Don’t cry; just get up here during winter! 😉 And yeah, just one out of control beginner can ruin your day if you’ve got no head protection. (Or an out of control intermediate – I took out a helmet-less guy on that weekend and he seemed none-too-happy! He shoulda worn a helmet I says.)

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