Matt hearts GPS

5 04 2006

I recently bought a GPS device from one of my favourite stores out here, REI. [Can't speak highly enough of REI, but that'll have to be for another post!]

I love GPS.

Using the freakin' awesome GPS Visualizer, you can display where you're been as images or, what I think is really cool, using Google Earth.

If you've got Google Earth installed click here to view a couple of trial runs.

Those paths – tracks in GPS lingo – are admittedly pretty boring. I just turned on the GPS while I drove to work, Agilent, to my apartment etc. But they're still pretty damn cool. 🙂 The colour indicates the speed I was travelling at (in mph). If you open the "legend" folder in Google Earth you can see roughly what colour corresponds to what speed.

GPS Visualizer also allows you to colourize your tracks in other ways, like alititude , bearing and slope and there are heaps of other options to tweak the the output. Cool application. Looking forward to taking it to Yosemite and skiing where I'll have some interesting tracks!


Matt hearts GPS

And to pre-empt the jokes, yes, I only bought this so Melissa can keep track of where I am. 😉




4 responses

8 04 2006

Have you actually joined as a REI Member? That way you will collect rebates that are paid to you at the end of the year – fun little xmas present for nothing. They also have discounts for members etc.


8 04 2006

Heck yeah, I’m a proud REI member. There’s no good reason not to be. 🙂

11 04 2006

You boys and your toys! Aren’t guys supposed to have really good directional sense and already know where everything is?? ;P

12 04 2006

Heh, Melissa will be quick to tell you that my sense of direction is, well, poor. 🙂 However I’m a demon when it comes to reading maps!

Girls tend to be the other way around. I think it’s a Mars/Venus thing… 😉

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