Richard G and the geek dinner in San Fran

5 04 2006

OK, this post is about three weeks overdue, but hey! Better late than never. 😉

Through listening to the excellent G'day World podcast (beware my non-geeky friends; the podcast contains techy discussions!) and reading Cam Reilly's blog I found out that the newish G'day World co-host Richard Giles was coming to town for, among other reasons, eTech. We exchanged emails and hooked up, with Richard loosly organising a geek dinner for the evening.

We met at a Borders (naturally) and then wandered the streets of San Fran and took the odd photo. Rich turned out to be an interesting and genuinely nice guy – it was a pleasure to meet you mate! Keep in touch.

DSC_9227.JPG DSC_9231.JPG DSC_9235.JPG

Streets of San Fran

Later on we rocked up to the restaurant where the geek dinner was meant to be but it turned out that there was a bit of an mix-up with the entry in and, as a result, only a couple of people showed up. And the restaurant was full. Anyways, we found another restaurant that turned out to be cool – live jazz music and all.

DSC_9237.JPG DSC_9240.JPG DSC_9241.JPG

Jazz music at the restaurant

Kevin, Jarrod and Joyce, the persistent people that made it to the dinner, turned out to be some of the few techy folks that hadn't travelled out to SXSW and were good conversationalists, with some interesting stories to tell. In particular it was really cool to hear just how big the tech social circle is in San Fran. They were going to the movies to see David Chappelle's Block Party so we tagged along (movie=ok, an interesting documentary/comedy/music piece).

Although tired all day I had a good time – it's always fun meeting new and interesting people! 🙂

DSC_9243.JPG DSC_9244.JPG

From left: Jarrod, Kevin, Joyce/Matt, Richard




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