8 04 2006

I was reading Brush & Bel's blog this morning and they'd posted an entry titled "Close Encounters of the Aussie kind" and it reminded me of two similar stories.

The other day in Coupa Cafe I spotted the last available table in the place and made a beeline for it. However it was small and another small table was nearby with a guy sitting at it. Since it was close enough that I was almost imposing I asked if it was OK to sit. He said "Sure, you're from Australia right?". Now, I keep telling people I don't have an accent so it was a bit of a surprise! 😉 Anyway, my new buddy Gary and I struck up a conversation that lasted for about an hour. Turns out that, although born in the UK, he grew up and lived in Australia for years so he can pick the accent a mile away. Nice guy. As I've said before, meeting people like this (not necessarily Aussies, just generally nice folks) is one of the real joys of travelling.

The second story was when the Uni Boys celebrated the end of uni by going on holiday to the Maldives (wicked-cool place, go there if you ever get the chance!). During the flight there we stopped briefly at Columbo airport to take a connecting flight. While waiting we saw a guy in a VB top – the distinctive green backdrop to the red, white and black logo stood out like a sore thumb amongst all the unusual-to-us sights of the foreign airport. "G'day mate, howyadoin'?!" At first the guy didn't respond then, when he finally realised we were talking to him he managed a "Ich spreche nicht Englisch"! [Or something similar.] We had met a German, wearing a VB t-shirt in Sri Lanka – and he had no idea what we were saying!




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