Yosemite, Day One

3 05 2006

Last weekend I finally got the chance to visit Yosemite. I'm a big fan of the photographer Ansel Adams and was exposed to the beauty of the area through his extraordinary photos. So ever since finding out I was going to California I have been looking forward to going. In his autobiography, Adams wrote:

"I knew my destiny when I first experienced Yosemite"

I think I now know what he meant. Yosemite is stunning. Breathtaking. Easily one of the most beautiful places I've seen.

Yosemite valley was formed a million years or so ago by a massive glacier that carved a path through the granite that characterizes the region. I'm not going to go on about the history but, suffice to say, the glacier left behind a valley that is surrounded by dramatically high granite cliffs.

Spring is a great time to go as the many waterfalls in the valley are full due to the snow melt, leftover from winter. We were also very fortunate in that we had great weather – mid 20's (Celcius you heathen Fahrenheit users) both days.

The first day we followed a popular hiking trail on a path that took us past the Vernal and Nevada falls.


Camping. Check out the rockface behind us!


Raging water


We spent a lot of time climbing


Vernal Falls

DSC_9574.JPG DSC_9575.JPG

Rainbows behind Cherie, and the rest of the gang, at Vernal falls

DSC_9578.JPG DSC_9586.JPG

More Vernal goodness


Andrew at the top of Vernal falls (despite rumours to the contrary he wasn't pasted in later)


Looking over the edge of Vernal


Just one of the lovely sights along the walk between Vernal and Nevada falls


Rob, photographer extraordinaire!

DSC_9626.JPG DSC_9627.JPG

Nevada falls from a distance


An impressive sight


Pascale, posing

DSC_9646.JPG DSC_9644.JPG DSC_9641.JPG

From the top of Nevada falls; looking out, water flowing over the edge, then down


A friendly squirrel near the top of Nevada falls

What a fantastic day. We were rewarded for our strenuous hiking with an awesome meal of steak, rice, asparagus and a kick-ass salad. Dan, you can cook for me anytime. 🙂

Tomorrow I'll post some photos from day two: bouldering, touring the valley with the top-down and El Capitan.




One response

6 05 2006

like the photos – good speed setting to get the water effect – they’re now part of screen saver.

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