Cafe development

4 05 2006

I'm sitting in the Barefoot Coffee Roasters doing some development work using the free wifi here. It's a beautiful day outside, a great day to be driving a convertible. I've just had a perfect coffee and am listening to fantastic music on my iPod (Air's Premiers Symptomes). Barefoot just installed a brand spankin' new coffee machine and I can't remember ever having a better latte.

I'm focussed and effective. This is a wonderful way to work.

I can definitely see this way to work becoming more and more popular. It already is here in the US but if anyone in Australia has spare cash I reckon a good way to invest it would be to run a cafe with good coffee, an Internet connection, abundant power outlets and a comfortable environment. Consider people working on laptops – create a shaded area outside so they can see their screens. Install desks along the walls that are at an ergonomically good height. Buy accessories like power supplies for popular model laptops, Skype headsets, optical mice etc and rent them out (cheaply). Surely there's a business model there…

Adrian, are you reading this? 😉

Anyway, back to work. 🙂

[Edit: They also play good music here; I've just heard Radiohead's Everything in its Right Place followed by Nick Drake's Northern Sky. Good music is a must but don't make it so loud that conversation is difficult.]

[Edit2: And now Elliot Smith's Punch and Judy! Awesome.]




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5 05 2006

Northern Sky by Nick Drake – what a song! I’m highly impressed, will have to visit that place if I’m ever in the area 🙂

And I think your idea is a great one…I’m sure you can find a few VC’s who would fund your idea!

6 05 2006

yeah I’m listening, just let rustle up a spare 100K… Or may just 3 for the round trip back to to the US!

Here it’s 14, cold, no natural light, damn I’m jealous!

9 05 2006

I don’t know… I’m away for 2 minutes and you’re skiving off down at the Barefoot!

Seriously though – I loved that place too, even if it was just for the leaf in the coffee.Reading this reminds me that it was cheap too. Well relative to the UK. Man, coffee is expensive here!!

I just bought one of those 60GB Ipods btw. Great for downloading Disney’s little Einsteins on to for Adam for the flight home 🙂

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