Off to Yosemite again…and Matt hearts REI

6 05 2006

Yay!  I'm heading to Yosemite again this evening for the weekend.  I'm heading up (well, east) with Yenyi & Jason and their friend Patrick.  We're hoping to do the two-day Half Dome hike if we can get a the necessary permit and find a space at the required campsite (Little Yosemite Valley).  

So I've been to REI and bought a new backpack and a few odds and ends and am getting pretty excited!  Can't wait to get back there.

Have I mentioned that I love REI?  Check this out – I bought a sleeping bag two weeks ago and they're having a sale starting today.  Naturally, as predicted by Murphy, my sleeping has been reduced by around US$100.  But wait, it's cool!  REI has a policy that says if any item goes on sale within thirty days after you make the purchase they will give you back the difference.  Now that's looking after the customer.

I was also very impressed with their advice on backpacks.  As well as dishing out solid advice on how to pack, what makes a good fit etc, they insist that you walk around the store for 10-15 minutes with the pack realistically weighted down in the worst-case scenario (in my case with around 21 kilos/46 lbs).  It makes a difference; after about five minutes you start to feel which pack fits you better and after ten you know if you've got a winner.  

Anyone want to join me if I start an REI fan club?  😉 




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8 05 2006

Loving your photos of Yosemite – have a soft spot for waterfalls. What stunning landscape. The ladybird one is gorgeous too, amazing detail.

Must admit to being pretty impressed with REI last year when shopping on line for a helmet for the snow. You can sign me up for the fanclub!

10 05 2006

I’ve got some more photos of Yosemite’s waterfalls coming…

14 05 2006

I’ll sign up for that one too. Still lookin’ for something close to that in Germany.

23 05 2006
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