Pete & Lidia’s apartment

23 05 2006

Last weekend (13th-14th May) I scooted up to San Fran and visited Pete & Lidia. We had a nice evening with Bhavik & Kristin and (eventually) had a tasty pizza dinner (since no other take-out was still open!) before Pete and I settled in to watch the Australia vs Uruguay World Cup qualifier that Adrian gave to me. Great match!

The next day I went and watched Pete play soccer (sports photography practice), where they drew in tight game, four-all. Afterward we drove around San Fran and soaked up the beautiful day before returning to Pete's to take some photos from his picturesque apartment-block rooftop. Can't believe you hadn't been up there before mate!

DSC_9874.JPG DSC_9883.JPG

Bay Bridge & Trans-America building and Coit Tower


Pete, striking his 'explorer' pose


Bay Bridge & TA building by night


Two handsome devils and the San Fran skyline

And here are a few very quickly-hacked-together panoramics…




Big thanks to Pete & Lidia for having me over (Lidia fed me exceptionally well and Pete's smoothies were as good as he claimed!).




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