Thanks and Congrats

23 05 2006

A huge thanks to Yenyi and Jason – you guys have treated me so well during my time here, taking me to Joshua Tree and Kirkwood (2) (3), skiing, out to numerous dinners, and Yosemite.  Further, you've just generally been great friends and wonderful company.  I can't thank you enough.

For those that don't know, the happy couple are now flying (actually, have landed) in Tuscany, Italy, soon to be married there!  Can it get any more mooshy than a wedding in Tuscany?  😉  Have a wonderful wedding guys and I wish you all the very best.  




4 responses

23 05 2006

When are you heading home again? It must be soon, right? You know, you have made Belinda jealous with all your adventures in CA…wish we had been as adventurous.

23 05 2006

I’ll be leaving here on the 3rd June (assuming I can get the flights I want – haven’t booked ’em yet!) to head to Vancouver for a week or so before heading back to Melbourne. Plan is to land in Melbourne some time around the 15-17th. And take a week or two off!

I’ve tried to pack a fair bit in and so I have had my share of adventures in CA, though I’m still not going to get everything I wanted to do done…

24 05 2006

Yeah, I know what you mean. You had the opportunity to get engaged, but you let it slip through your fingers. 😛

25 05 2006

Yeah. Exactly what I meant. 😉

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