Yosemite, take two

23 05 2006

Gotta love Yosemite. Two weekends in a row and I could easily go back for more!

As planned, Yenyi & Jason, Pat and I did the Half Dome hike. Friday night we drove up and stayed in one of the housekeeping tent camps which was interesting; concrete walls with a canvas roof and wire mesh beds with thin matresses. Comfy I suppose but I would have preferred my tent. 🙂 On the plus side it meant no setting up, and the camping grounds were all booked anyhow.


The Gang (from left, Pat, Yenyi, Jason, Moi)

Getting up reasonably early we got our pass sorted out so we could stay at the Little Yosemite Campground and headed up the mountain. It was about now that I realised that most of the hike covered exactly the same path as the hike from the previous week! So I got to see Vernal and Nevada falls again. Ah well, it's a stunning sight.

DSC_9776.JPG DSC_9779.JPG

Rainbows at Vernal falls


I'm starting to get the hang of this kinda shot


Bluebird as shot by Jason

DSC_9789.JPG DSC_9792.JPG

Fun with the Macro lens




Even more water was flowing this week

DSC_9802.JPG DSC_9805.JPG

Nevada falls in all her glory

Instead of heading back down the John Muir trail we continued up past Nevada falls and on to Little Yosemite (about a mile and a half further according to the sign) where we set up camp. Leaving the gear at camp the intent was to continue to the top of the amazing Half Dome and return to the camp to return down the following day but about an hour and a half later (and another mile or two) we decided to stop as light was beginning to fade and hikers coming back warned that we still had a fair way to go. Not an easy decision to make for me – when would I get back here and try tackling it again? But common sense vetoed my gung-ho instinct (and noone else wanted to jog up the steep incline with me).


Glorious landscape



Had a great evening by the fire (one of the best aspects of camping, period), met an interesting Czech fellow – Igor – and feasted on freeze-dry food that actually tasted good.

We began the descent the next morning hiking past Nevada falls (which, because it was morning, was deserted, a real treat!) and back down the now-familiar John Muir. Made it back in good enough time to return to the Awanee and again indulge on their grand buffet. Kept a close eye out for the mini creme brulee's this time. 🙂

DSC_9840.JPG DSC_9841.JPG

From the top of Nevada

DSC_9845.JPG DSC_9846.JPG DSC_9847.JPG

"Yenyi's stream"

DSC_9857.JPG DSC_9861.JPG

Mt Broderick and Nevada falls

A lazy drive back to Yenyi & Jason's in the early afternoon followed by a nice BBQ-cooked steak dinner capped off another wonderful weekend at Yosemite. Half Dome had beaten us but we'd still had an amazing hike. If you find yourself in Northern California you must go to Yosemite.

DSC_9863.JPG DSC_9871.JPG

More fun with the Macro




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