The end is nigh

2 06 2006

The shipping company came in today and packed all of my gear – it's now on it's way back to Melbourne!  The apartment feels very bare and it's now sinking in that I'll be leaving soon (two sleeps!).  Bittersweet feelings – can't wait to see family, friends and – of course – Melissa, but I'm also going to really miss the lifestyle here.  [And particularly the weather, my apartment and convertible.  :)]

Looking forward to the week-long trip to Vanouver though, my friends and colleagues have got some fun plans in store for me.  

Anyway, time to head down to the pool and have a beer and some food with Andrew, Elaine and Anil.  🙂 




3 responses

2 06 2006

Hey Matt,
It’s amazing how fast it has gone. Will miss hearing about the strange things in America and your gorgeous photos of the beautiful side of America… but definitely will be great to have you back in Oz. Have a great time in Vancouver, and a safe flight home.

2 06 2006

Heya Gayle,

It has gone amazingly fast! Looking forward to catching up and going to some salsa sessions with you! 🙂 I’m going to even more awkward than I was before I left though so you and Melissa are going to have to teach me… 🙂

But I’ll only be back in the country for a little while before you fly away! 😦 Will have to try and convince you to stay – I know Melissa is going to be distraught without her dancing buddy!


3 06 2006
Grumpy Old Lamb

You are SO going to hate it back here. Welcome to my nightmare pal.

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