Matt’s Back

24 06 2006

Yep, I'm back in Australia!  I had a wonderful, 10-day whirlwind (working) tour of Vancouver before arriving back on Friday the 16th.  Jetlagged.  I'd hardly had any jetlag in the past so I was a little unexpected to find that – for practically the past week – I needed to sleep in a big way.  Probably something to do with the extreme lack of sleep over the last month of the trip, and particularly during my stay in Vancouver (here's looking at you Ed, Jarek, Edith, Kacper, Olivier & Sharon!).

Since landing Melissa and I had a lovely holiday in Daylesford, I've caught up with family (though not all of my friends yet) and I almost feel normal again.  

Now I'm faced with the task of writing up a few of the adventures from California and Vancouver – I've got a fair backlog of interesting stories to share! – and then figuring out what to do with this blog.  Will I "do a Cameron" and end it?  Possibly.  Though it's a great way to keep in touch with remote friends; maybe I'll keep it active and continue writing?  We'll see. 

For those friends I haven't yet gotten in touch with I will do so soon!  I'm also planning to have a BBQ/party some time in the coming weeks when things settle down a bit.

Speak to you all soon!




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