Matt’s night of TV

31 07 2006

I don’t usually watch much TV but lately I’ve started making an exception. Monday night is “Matt’s night of TV“!

First up, Top Gear. The Brits may not make the best cars in the world (come on, the Germans, Italians and Japanese are all over them!) but damn, they make the best car TV show. Watch as they thrash cars as diverse as the Maserati MC12 and the Toyota Prius. The guys truly love cars, and are funny to boot – you can even watch this show with your car-uninterested significant other.

Next, Denton’s Enough Rope.  Denton’s skill is in totally respecting his interviewees and making them feel comfortable enough to open up and share personal stories.  The Aussie Parkinson but with sharper wit.

Finally, the gruesome Anatomy for Beginners.  If you’ve got a weak stomach this show ain’t for you!  Watch as Dr Gunther von Hagens dissects a real cadaver and attempts to educate us as to how we humans work.  If you can get past the gore – and von Hagen’s comical appearance and voice – this is fascinating stuff.

In summary:

7:30 SBS Top Gear
9:30 ABC Enough Rope
10:30 SBS Anatomy for Beginners




3 responses

1 08 2006

Top Gear totally rules. Check out “Broken News” on afterwards on SBS. Monday’s been my TV night all year.

1 08 2006

Wow… I forgot it’s winter down there. Oh well at least you got some “decent”(hehe) snow fall recently.

16 08 2006

The brits don’t make good cars eh? This from an Australian…

Jeremy Clarkson is a national treasure. Reminds me of another bloke we both know in many ways.

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