Day One at Job Two

20 09 2006

So today was my first day on the job at Innovonics.  First impressions are generally good.  Can’t really give too many details away but they were pretty organised, since I had a computer [1] waiting for me and they’d already configured my login and email. 

The problems they’re working on are quite interesting but alas I’ve been assigned to work on one of their older legacy systems and the code, err, well, has room for improvement.  Thankfully, they’re very keen to see improvements and are actively welcoming new ideas and better processes.

It’s exciting to see modern techniques employed on their newer projects (test-driven development, continuous integration, code coverage analysis etc).  Promising! 

Initial downers?  Travel time is a little annoying (an hour from Croydon).  The location is industrial, so few shops to visit at (or for) lunch.  There’s only one shower – in the women’s bathroom on another floor! – so I’ll have to be careful going in there after exercise.  The building is drab, inside and out.  And it’s perhaps a less social environment than I’m used to?[2]

All-in-all it was a good start.  Let’s see how the rest of the week goes.  🙂

[1] I know some of you geeks will be interested in the specs: 3GHz, 200Gig HD, 1Gig RAM, DVD burner, 19″ flat panel LCD.  I’m now scrounging around looking for the necessary second LCD (I’ve got a dual-head display card).  I’ve inherited this PC so it’s not the absolute latest and greatest but it’s pretty darn decent.  Ought to play BF2 just fine.  😉

[2] Probably ’cause there are many new people – no-one knows anyone well!




3 responses

27 09 2006

Congrats mate; only recently checked the blog. Sounds like a reasonable first day; hope the week is going well … couldnt help but smile when I read the bit about modern techniques on newer projects. Bit of a change for ya

29 09 2006

You live in Croydon too? Awesome!

2 10 2006

I didn’t know you were a Croydon boy Pat…we’ll have to do a quick six degrees when we chat next!

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