iPod’s subtle, cool feature

10 10 2006

While we’re talking iPods…

The most subtle new feature I’ve found with the iPod: Pulling out the headphones will pause whatever is playing.

That right there is an awesome feature. I love it when companies pay attention to detail!




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11 10 2006

The iPod has a lot of subtle cool features like that, showing that Apple put a lot of thought into the design.

Another great subtle feature is the “Shuffle songs” feature appearing at the bottom of the main menu. This is especially useful in the car — say the album you are listening to has just finished playing. Obviously you don’t want to go choosing another album while you are driving as that would be very dangerous (and illegal).

So you can just reach over, spin the wheel FAR RIGHT and click the centre button and you’re listening to your whole iPod on shuffle.

You can do that without looking because you KNOW it’s the last option on the menu. A nice application of Fitt’s law 🙂

16 10 2006

The Shuffle Songs feature doesn’t float my boat because I have some German lessons etc on my iPod, and they get included in the Shuffle Songs list. Instead I have to build a playlist that doesn’t include these, then set the Shuffle setting to Titel, and then play.

As for the headphones thing – welcome to the 21st Century, Matt! 🙂

17 10 2006

Generally the iPod is pretty well designed but there are some things that really shit me…mostly with iTunes to be fair. Here’s a taster:

o *Many* issues when you try to use your iPod on multiple computers with iTunes
o When connected to the PC it constantly plays the stupid “do not disconnect” animation and lights the LCD screen – why??
– And why can’t we just *power* the device from the PC without connecting to it?
o Why do my podcasts show up in the music section? I don’t want them there!
o Why, when I’ve only watched two seconds of a [video] podcast, is it erased when I sync to iTunes? When it’s even currently still playing?!
o I hate – with a passion – how you can accidently click the play button while you’ve selected “Music” and it’ll play your songs starting with track one
– I can see how if you used shuffle this may be useful, but I don’t use shuffle

There’s more but I’d better get back to work. I can feel another blog post coming though… 🙂

@ Jigs, nah, they just got lucky there. Shuffle only appears if you’ve configured it to be there (in settings). Turn on Backlight for example and shuffle is no longer last.

I never use shuffle except against a playlist as Brush describes.

But I still maintain that the headphone feature is cool.

25 10 2006
Brad Courtney

Hi Mat,

Glad to hear that you are back in the country safe and well (yes, I am a little behind the times).

Your name was mentioned this morning in NAB circles (kind of). The small world reared its head again yesterday. Not sure if you remember Dave Furrigi’s girlfriend Sylvia (from uni days o’course). It turns out I sit next to her brother Steve. Six degrees indeed. Anyways, he mailed her to tell her and she wanted to know if I still was in touch with yourself, Delfina and Mark.

Hope all is well. My world has changed a bit in the a past month with my relationship with Michelle coming to an end. I am now living by myself in Northcote (which is really quite good) and am dealing with the breakup pretty well. A bit sad, but I have realised that there wasn’t anything more I could have done to save it. Anyways, don’t feel bad for me. Life rolls on as always.

I am still in regular (weekly) touch with Ro and Delf as we jam together most weekends (I have taken up the bass).

In the news front Geoff Gillard is engaged, as is James Nash who is also expecting a son in mid Decmeber.

Hope to hear from you soon dude. My e-mail addy is bradcourtney@gmail.com

24 02 2007

I know this is an old post and nobody is going to read the comments anymore, but I learnt something recently which I thought I would share.

‘Brush, here’s a hint for you if you still want to use the “Shuffle songs” feature but want to exclude your German lessons.

iTunes has an “Exclude from shuffle” option on each song. Simply multi-select the tracks you want to exclude, and check this option. You’ll never see them come up in a shuffle again 🙂

24 02 2007

Heya Jigs, I’ll still see it when you comment! And thats a ripper of a tip, I may try and use the shuffle feature more now… 🙂

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