Walkman->CD Player->iPod->???

10 10 2006

As I was getting off the train today I noticed that the girl in front of me was wearing headphones. Following the cables down I noticed that she was listening to a portable CD player. The thought came to me unbidden: “old school”.

I actually had a short pang of sadness for the girl because she didn’t have an iPod. (It was followed by a brief feeling of guilt for being tech elitist!)

A second later I was smiling as I recalled my love affair with my CD player so many years ago…before realizing that was only seven years previous. Only a few years earlier my walkman owned my heart.

What will we be carrying in seven years from now?




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16 10 2006

Probably herpies.

Anyway – I also remember having the good ol’ Discman thing, and all the effort that they put into bump detection and correction with buffering etc. I also remember back to being excited to use my Dad’s Walkman…THAT DIDN’T EVEN HAVE A TAPE PLAYER IN IT! Talk about Old School!

17 10 2006

FM radio. Awesome. 🙂

How cool was that buffering technology? I’m sure you’re like me and you had to grab the Discman and shake it for the full 40 sec (or whatever) just to hear it miss a beat… 🙂

19 10 2006

Yep, been there…done that. I even try it with my iPod sometimes, just to see if I can get it to skip. Hasn’t worked yet.

21 10 2006

You’ve got to shake it for a little over an hour. Really, I’ve done it and it works! Give it a go.


15 11 2006

First of all – bullshit. You people are all creating false memories for yourselves to justify the need to carry around another gadget.

Nobody used walkman’s past a brief two-year fad in the 80’s. Only 0.02% of the population used a discman – chances are you’re not one of them.

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