Recent promises to self

20 02 2007

Before Gayle headed North to Darwin I asked that she post at least once a week; in turn I promised to try for twice a week.  “Promised” to “try”, see the problem here?  Vague, easy to weasle out of!  And yes, I’ve fallen well short of my mark.  I’m hoping that by stating the “two per week” goal here in the blog, for all to see, it’ll be easier for me to stick to. 

A second promise to self was to go out taking photos at least once a fortnight.  Doesn’t matter if it’s for half an hour or a whole day as long as the time is put aside for the explicit purpose of taking photos (which I love doing).  Work/life balance has been out of whack lately and this is one simple way to start setting it right [1].

You guys have to hassle me if I get slack.

[1] Spending more time with Melissa, family and friends is another, but I’m not going to detail that kind of stuff in my blog.  🙂




One response

21 02 2007

Yeah, I’ve been behaving badly myself. Plan to do a big update today! I promise!

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