Red Curry

24 02 2007

As mentioned in the recent kitchen gadgets post, here’s the recipe I used for my Red Curry.


  • 3 tbs of Thai Gourmet Red Curry Paste
  • 500 gms meat (I prefer chicken in my curries – vegitarians can also use tofu or whatnot)
    • Just cut them into small cubes (say 15ml square) or thin strips
  • 300-odd gms Vegies, here’s what I used but add whatever:
    • Water chestnuts (buy a can of them)
    • 1 large carrot, cut into thin slices
    • A handful of green beans (top ‘n’ tail ’em)
    • Capsicum (I used yellow, but they’re all good!)
  • 1 cup Coconut milk (or cream – I prefer the cream, it’s a litle thicker)
  • Rice
  • 1 1/2 tbs Fish sauce
    • Go easy with this stuff, it’s nasty!


Put your rice in the rice cooker, add water, turn it on and forget about it ’till later. Throw the curry paste in the wok on moderate heat for about a minute or until it’s smellin’ good. Add the meat and cook it for about 10 mins. Throw in your vegies and the coconut milk and bring it all to boil before turning down the heat to simmer for about 20 mins. Add the fish sauce (try not to spill it or add too much – it’s pungent!) and cook for another few minutes.

Feeds two, maybe three. If you added a bit more of everything (except the fish sauce!) it could serve three to four.

You may notice some similarities between this recipe and the one on the curry paste label. 😉

BTW, although I’ve cheated and used an off-the-shelf paste, it’s pretty damn tasty. However I’ve still yet to find a good green curry paste and may just have to make my own…





One response

26 02 2007

Yeah, the fish sauce stuff is a little on the nose, and really works its way up there when it evaporates while cooking. But, it is worth the discomfort during the cooking stage, because it tastes sensational!

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