Look out for cyclists

12 03 2007

Many of you will know AdrianU; he was recently hit by a car while cycling in the bike lane. Although he did the up and over thing he’s OK, just grazed and bruised.  Point of the story: if you’re driving watch out for bike riders.




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12 03 2007

What happened exactly? Sounds like it was a bad accident, he was lucky to be just grazed and bruised.
Where did it happen?

I heard that regular cyclists can expect to have at least 1 minor accident once a year, and 1 major accident every 3 years. It’s not surprising the way most drivers drive and most cyclists ride.

I know most cyclists are quite alert, but you really have to watch for all the stupid things drivers and and anticipate what they might do. I know when I’m driving I always forget to check for cyclists before opening the driverside door to get out, and yet as a cyclist it is one of those things that I am absolutely paranoid when cycling past a row of stationary vehicles.

Send Adrian my best wishes, and I hope he is recovering nicely.

love g

12 03 2007

Apparently he was riding down Burnley st in the bike lane. Traffic was heavy and he was traveling faster than the cars; most of his attention was toward the left in case people opened their car doors. Then a car turned left abruptly in front of him and he sailed over the top. Seems like a head check would’ve avoided the accident. Driver stopped and they exchanged details – at least they didn’t drive off!

It could’ve been a *lot* worse.

I’ll pass on your wishes. 🙂

I’ve gotten into the habit of always checking my drivers side mirror before getting out of the car, it’s a good way to see if there is anything barelling toward you!

And yeah, cyclists do have to be careful – practically every serious rider I know has been injured at some point.

Just yesterday I was saying I wanted to buy a bike too…must be crazy! 😉

12 03 2007

Thanks for the well wishes Gayle. I’m all ok. just a few bumps and bruises.

Matt don’t let that stop you buying a bike. You just have to choose where and when you ride. Obviously not 5pm on Burnley st… 😉

15 03 2007

Glad to hear you are all ok Adrian. Hope to see you, Matt & Mel all at the Park Hyatt on the 30th March!

Matt, you so have to buy a bike! What are you looking at? Just something to get you from A to B, or a serious investment?

19 03 2007

Yeah I was hit by a driver who pretty much ignored me in a roundabout – would’ve been a direct side-on hit if I hadn’t anticipated her.

She was on a mobile phone. Didn’t stop for 100m or so and didn’t hang up her call when she did.

These days when I ride past people chatting on phones while driving (and it’s incredibly common) I get pretty nasty.

19 03 2007

@ Gayle: I’m looking at road bikes – I’ve been wanting to enter some (short!) triathlons and would want to use it for that. Not a serious investment (well, not as serious as Adrian or Jason!), but I don’t want a disposable bike either.

@ Lamb: I still see a lot of people using mobiles on the road. A bit scary really, though I’d be lying if I said I *never* did it…

23 03 2007

Minimum spend = $1200-1500 for a road bike here, and you don’t get much for that
(Asian frame, carbon forks, mid-range Shimano running gear)

Scrape up $2200, buy secondhand, or travel to the US…

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