Airshow photos (and Sydney follow-up)

28 03 2007

Sydney was tough on the ol’ body clock.

Working from 8:00 pm till around 6:30 am for two days (nights?) is not my idea of fun but we were productive. We also made a 7-11 store owner very happy as we bought a metric buttload of caffeine drinks (Red Bull gives us wings!).

The next night (day? Saturday morning) Dad and I had to get up at around 6:30 am to get to the airshow. Wowser. I struggled. All worth it though because the airshow was awesome!

The weather was crappy; we were rained on a couple of times. But the rain couldn’t dampen our spirits as we watched jets, choppers and aerobatic nuts do amazing things in the air in front of us.

I’ve put most of the airshow photos online. I wasn’t terribly happy with them, but some came out reasonably well. Hope you enjoy ’em. 🙂

[I had a bunch of highlights picked out but I was trying out a new blog editor and I’ve just lost them all! Too tired to pick them out again; will have to do so in another post.]




One response

29 03 2007

Hehe, “metric buttload”, that’s brilliant!

I thought the airshow pics were pretty damn good, too

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