Airshow highlights

1 04 2007

Here are some of the highlights from the photos taken at the recent airshow.

Part of the "Ten sticks of dynamite" finale, it doesn’t get much better than a biplane flying inverted close to the ground near explosives.

The F-111’s were, as always, memorable for their dump ‘n’ burn.  Love the flames reflecting off the wings.

Another cropped shot; contrails over an FA-18 Super Hornet.

Peaceful smoke trail behind a biplane.

My favourite aircraft ever, the F-15 Eagle.

A shot of an F-111 shortly after take-off.

Three old warbirds in formation.

The stunning Roulettes performing their finale.

The Roulettes again.  Seriously, awesome formation flying.  Just so smooth.

Jurgis Kairy doing what he does best; crazy shit. 😉

Interestingly, Jetstar continued to use the Avalon runway while the show was on!

My favourite shot of the day; an F-15 performing a short take-off.  One second it’s on the ground the next it’s in the air.  Amazing.

If my airshow photos weren’t enough for you, check out Steve’s photos from the 2005 show – they’re brilliant!




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4 04 2007

Love the shot of the flames reflecting off the wings of the fighter jet.

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