DRM-Free music from EMI

2 04 2007

My most hated music publisher, EMI, purveyor of the CD scourge that is Copy Control, has just announced DRM-Free music. It was a joint announcement involving Apple who will be providing the distribution channel with the iTunes Store.


DRM “protected” music, where you are limited in how you can copy or play your music, has been an absolute disaster for everyone involved, especially consumers. While removing DRM (and having to trust consumers not to pirate) is a terrific step in the right direction there are some details that could also make this effort a failure too. It appears that it’s going to be expensive; US$1.30 per track. You cannot purchase lossless tracks; 256bit AAC tracks is it and, while that is excellent quality, it is still worse than CD. Did you notice that for an album CD’s will generally be cheaper? Better quality and cheaper, hmm…

I almost want to commend EMI for taking what appears to be a fairly bold step but the reality is that this is something they had to do and should have done earlier. CD sales have been in decline for years and online sales, while increasing, are a small share of the market – probably because the product is inferior and expensive. Unfortunate this announcement doesn’t really change the situation. I look forward to v2.0 of DRM-Free music from EMI/Apple where the price is lowered and lossless is a (no extra cost) option.

I can’t see myself buying anything but (non copy-controlled) CD’s in the foreseeable future.




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2 04 2007

Hey Matt,

I’d be cautious about any “amazing” announcement that is “made” on April 1st.

Yes buddy, you got fooled!

2 04 2007

It was made on April 2nd. And Apple and EMI have press releases, not just blog posts. Ars and Engadget have posted about it already. Smells real to me…

3 04 2007

Hi Matt,

I’m sorry for asking completely unrelated question in this forum but i couldnt find an email address to mail you..

I was wondering if you ever got around to submitting the XmlList nant task to the nantcontrib project?


3 04 2007

Hello Paul,

Sorry for not providing an email address; I’ll rectify that at some point in the future! Please contact me at:

matt dot trentini [at] gmail dot com

I haven’t yet updated the XmlList NAnt task. It’s not that I’ve forgotten about it – I’ve had Serge’s webpage open in Firefox as a reminder for months now and it’s something I still intend to do.

How urgently do you need it? Your comment has just upped the task in my priority list. 🙂

FYI I’ve also started work on making a bunch of Subversion tasks (the current implementation could be improved). They’ll probably be rolled in at the same time…


3 04 2007

hi Matt,

thanks for your quick response! Its not ultra-urgent – i downloaded the task from Surge’s webpage today and i’ll just use that but if there was a build of nantcontrib that included the task i’d prefer to just use that rather than introduce another dependency.

So, i guess whenever you have time is fine 🙂

(Don’t let this give you an excuse to put it back down the bottom of your priority list though hehe)

BTW, i’m interested to hear what kind of subversion tasks you will be building.. I currently use the subversion nant tasks too 🙂


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