Ross Noble @ Melbourne Town Hall, 20th April

23 04 2007

Ross Noble, always funny, always all over the place.  For those that haven’t seen him, Ross’ format is that he starts talking.  Then he keeps that up for a couple of hours.  Somehow you find yourself laughing the whole time.  🙂

Ben organised tickets for me (thanks mate!) and my sister came along since Melissa was sick (a nasty cold/flu thing).  As always I enjoyed Ross do his thing as he covered topics ranging from dead yaks to healing plums to the mysteries of our infatuation with John So ("Jackie Chan Style" has entered my vocabulary!). 

There are many, many great shows at the comedy festival but Ross is consistently great.  If you get a chance to see him take it; you won’t be disappointed.  Highly recommended.




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24 04 2007

Oh Ross – what a legend. Another way to check out Ross Noble is to look out his short term stints on JJJ (Nanna watch), possibly I think there was an interview on Nova not that long ago. 🙂

Send Mel my love, hope she is feeling better.

And, speaking of your sister – how did the wedding go?

24 04 2007

Whoops – sorry, I just went back and checked out the blog on the wedding. Sounded live a perfect night.

25 04 2007

Another way you can get your Noble fix is to check out You Tube:

Tons of stuff there!

Mel is feeling better. Still not 100% (this bug really knocked her about!) but much better than she was at the end of last week.

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