Swallowing tablets

7 06 2007

I hate taking tablets. 

First off, I avoid medicine.  Not in an extreme fashion – I’ll take drugs if I feel I need a bit of a hand.  It’s just that generally I figure that if my body needs help dealing with something the best solution is to get some rest.

But the worst part for me is swallowing those little pills.

I’m that guy that takes a sip of water, pops in a pill and waits…staring at the roof until my swallowing reflex is triggered and I suck down the little capsule.  And frequently choke, spitting it back up.

But not anymore!

I stumbled on some advice that I want to share with you all.  It’s complex but try to stay with me. 

  • Take a sip of water (I envy you weirdos that can do this dry)
  • Pop the pill in your mouth
  • Tilt your head forward and swallow!

The theory is that the tablet  floats to the back of your mouth making it easier to swallow.  I’ve only tried this a few times but it definitely feels like it’s helped.

This is the kind of useful information they should teach you in school!




2 responses

15 06 2007

my sister could never swallow tablets when she was younger so we got her to practice over and over with smarties. That way there is no yucky taste – if they don’t go down you can just eat them. After enough practice she had to troubles…

9 07 2007

Smarties for practice – I like it!

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