The Trumpeter

15 07 2007

Twice in the past fortnight I’ve come across The Trumpeter.  This gentleman jumps on a train and start busking.  I’m sorry, but a trumpet[er] has no place on a train.  I’m all for people busking but this is not cool for two reasons:

  • Trumpets are impossible to tune out; they’re bloody loud!

    • I could hear the trumpet clearly over the music playing on my iPod
  • It’s like holding your audience hostage!

    • Unlike most buskers you can’t easily walk away

No way I’m giving him my money!

[Update:  Make that three times!  I’m on the train typing this listening to the ear-splitting sounds of a trumpet.  Thankfully I’m a little distance away – seriously there are people that are within two metres of him that have every right to punch the guy square in the jaw…]




2 responses

16 07 2007

That is hilarious! It’s things like that which make public transport so exciting…every day is a new adventure. We suburban folk don’t get that much excitement driving to work.

21 07 2007

Yeah, we get them every now and then in various parts of Europe too. I think my most recent experience was someone playing some bazuki style music in a subway in Berlin…new what it was to be East German with no means of escape for a few minutes there.

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