13 08 2007

I’m now on holiday for a week!  I’m joining Melissa who is in the middle of two weeks off and today we’re going…somewhere.  We haven’t figured out where but we’re going away for two nights, probably somewhere down the Great Ocean Road. We’ll see where the car takes us.  🙂

[Update:  Scratch that; the car didn’t even get us started on our trip.  There was a minor incident between a brick wall and the front quarter-panel of the car.  Brick wall won.  Car is in for repairs.  Holiday away will have to wait…]




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13 08 2007

Doh! That’s a bummer. What happened exactly? You will have to get creative and do something locally. Do you get a car to use in the meantime?

14 08 2007

Melissa was parking the car behind the unit and just misjudged the distance to the wall, rolling (very slowly!) into a brick pillar. Front headlight housing popped, bumper deformed and front left quarter panel crumpled. Although the car was moving really slowly brick doesn’t flex very much!

We are meant to be getting a replacement car while this one is repaired. It should arrive today.

As for the holiday, we may go later in the week instead. Though it’s no big deal if we don’t; it’s quite nice doing next-to-nothing in the unit… 🙂

14 08 2007

Pitch a tent in the back yard and pretend you are camping… 🙂

14 08 2007

It’s really hard to drive pegs into concrete. Otherwise, top idea!

18 08 2007
Holiday, take two « Matts Mind

[…] After getting our hands on a 2007 Toyota Corolla (hire car covered by insurance) we decided to stick with our plans and head down to Apollo Bay.  As always, I thoroughly enjoyed the drive down the Great Ocean Road, […]

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