Stephen Wiltshire – human camera

19 08 2007

Stephen Wiltshire is amazing. He has a rare gift; a photographic memory and fantastic ability to draw what appears in his minds eye.

Watch this video:

Stephen takes a helicopter flight over Rome, a city he’d never before been to, then, over the next three days, draws the entire city from memory on five metres of paper. The detail he’s able to recall is extraordinary.

He’s given the same treatment to a number of other cities too including London, New York, Hong Kong, Frankfurt and a 10 metre drawing of Tokyo.




3 responses

14 09 2007

I saw part of this on TV where he did the skyline of Frankfurt. Unfortunately the Frankfurt skyline isn’t that pretty…but it was still impressive.

14 09 2007

Just clicked on the 10m drawing of Tokyo, but I am not convinced that his memory works correctly. Has anyone else ever seen the Eifel Tower in Tokyo?

14 09 2007

Ok, I take that back. Apparently there is the Tokyo Tower which is actually taller than the Eiffel Tower…

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