18 10 2007

Although mainstream US beer is widely accepted as shite (by me) these folks do tend to drink it in large glasses.  The 16 oz (US fluid ounce), more commonly known as a pint back home, is the smallest glass you can order.  The 22 oz is standard.  If you want larger than that you ask for a pitcher.

They look at you strange if you ask for a jug.  Wouldn’t recommend asking for two.  At least not to a female  – something is lost in the translation.  😉

Of the typical tap beers you find around here I’d suggest going for a Yuengling.  It’s actually quite drinkable!  Dear god, whatever you do don’t succumb and order any kind of Millers or Budweiser.  Terrible.  Though at least it explains the colloquial use of piss to refer to alcohol…some Aussie must have been over here and tasted a Bud!




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19 10 2007

The micro breweries on the East and West coast (that’s all I’ve tried) are awesome, the selection is vast and always cheap. In actual fact they are becoming sizable competitors to the mass produced US piss that you can find everywhere.

19 10 2007

Oh yeah, notice how I said “mainstream” beers. The micro breweries are the saviour of US beer – they are often great! My issue is with the ‘standard’ beers. Bleh.

It seems that the micro breweries are only easily available in the bigger cities. San Fran was great (Gordon Biersch was a favourite), but in Raleigh, NC and Odessa, TX it seems that selection is way more limited.

19 10 2007

Everything’s bigger there I spose!

I’m fascinated with the “forties”, the 40 oz beer bottles that are so popular with frat houses and lower-class Americans, and I haven’t seen any in Melbourne.

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