Ice machines

6 11 2007

In every hotel I’ve stayed in the US there have been ice machines, usually one on each floor. I don’t know if this is a US thing or if it’s common in some hotels worldwide but it’s got me curious…


The ice machine on my hotel floor

Is this a common phenomenon? Australia sells ice at petrol stations; is that weird? If ice machines are the way to get ice what do people do if they don’t have access to one?

I don’t think it’s necessary to have ice instantly available like this though I did find it useful to fill my chiller (esky) recently.




2 responses

16 11 2007

It’s not just a US thing, though it is more predominant in the US. I had the same thing in a hotel in Norway a few weeks ago, where it was cold enough outside that you would pee icicles – so why have ice on offer inside the hotel??

21 11 2007

Yeah, that’s just bizarre.

Mind you, I assume that “pee icicles” taste worse. 😉

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