Salsa dancing…in Raleigh!

6 11 2007

As many of you will understand, I wanted to go out Salsa dancing while in Raleigh.  I googled around and was pleasantly surprised to discover salsa classes within five minutes of my hotel!

Ain’t it funny how things sometimes work out like that?

The first time I went I arrived just before the end of an advanced class and sat and watched.  Although the style was different (still Cubanish but with more styling) it was definitely salsa!  I met Elyse and Nahal who were also watching the class.  We all needed to eat so they invited me into the adjoining room where the Cuban restaurant was located.  We were joined by their friend Alan and enjoyed some excellent Cuban food (Oxtail, yum!).

Good food, great company.

By the time we’d devoured the food the class had finished and social dancing had begun.  I felt really rusty but it was good to get a salsa fix!  Another friend of theirs, Roxanna, arrived later and joined in the dancing.

It was a good night and I really appreciate Nahal, Elyse, Alan and Roxanna inviting me to join them!  I was really nervous entering a place I’d never been with no-one I knew not knowing what to expect and those guys just made me feel very welcome.  Thanks!  If When you guys come down to Australia, be sure to let me know! 😉

I caught up with them on my last night (it was nice to say adios) but I missed the class and there was no social dancing.  So it was just the one night of salsa in the month away and I’m itching to have a dance when I get home!

[Update: I’m almost 100% sure I’ll be at the Spanish Club Thursday night, I hope to see many of you there!]




4 responses

6 11 2007

*Very Jealous*… ooo… how I long for some good salsa. Looking forward to having a dance with you in Feb – I imagine you will have heaps of really cool moves!

Hope your trip home was a good one, and you don’t have too much jet lag!

g xoxo

16 11 2007

I also like a good salsa, with lots of jalepenos, tomato chunks, and spices…mmmm…salsa.

29 11 2007

We loved you joining us!! That was a great night!!
We missed you the next times we went dancing!! I am so glad you are coming back to visit!! I love exclamation points!! Let me know when you will be here and we will plan another outing!!

16 01 2008
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