Lucky shirt

20 11 2007

Shopping in the city recently, I’d bought a nice white shirt.  Unfortunately, when I got home I found that the shirt wasn’t there; I’d left it somewhere in Melbourne Central.  No need to say I was somewhat shitty (shirty?  Boom-tish!) at myself.

Adrian quipped that there’d be a better-dressed hobo somewhere in Melbourne.  Made me feel much better.  😉

Anyway I got a call today asking if I’d bought a shirt Sunday.  My shirt was found!  Turns out that someone handed it in to the info booths at Melb Central, they’d found my receipt, called the store where I’d bought the shirt and they’d had me on their mailing database – including my phone number.  Lucky!

I have newfound confidence in the goodwill of human beings.  🙂  Thanks to the kind soul who handed my shirt in!




2 responses

20 11 2007

Wow! That is a great story. Very lucky. And very heartwarming! 🙂

21 11 2007

It was heartwarming. Although I must admit that, after I’d settled down, I was getting a fuzzy from the thought that there was a new-shirt-toting happy hobo roaming Melbourne! 😉

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